Crystals are the "Orbs" of PvP, they will be used in weekly blends to earn all sorts of PvP items. Weekly blends will only require 1 Crystal.
Contains 1 PvP NFT: Champion cosmetic, booster, or weapon (more will be added) Supply: 100 Crystals available for $5 each to allow existing PvP players a chance to grab some, thereafter can only be obtained as PvP winner rewards. Diamond VIPs will receive 1 free Crystal.

Whitelist - Pre Minted Sale 10th January 2023

  • Landowners, VIPs, and Diamond VIPs can claim 2 crystals for a 20% Discount every 10 minutes.
  • Accounts holding any PvP NFT in their account can claim 2 Crystals for full price 10 minutes after the Whitelist sale. Date: 10th Jan 2023 (Time To Be Voted)

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