The Adventurer ($25)

Use Cases:

  1. When staked, the adventurer can be sent on daily adventures to earn tokens or orbs.

  2. Can be staked in our waxdao (more info coming soon)

Possible Daily Rewards:


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Limited Edition Adventurers

Limited Edition Adventurers Guarantee rewards every week at no cost and are only obtainable in the Limited Edition Adventurer Pack which contains 1 Limited Edition Adventurer. Limited Edition Adventurer Packs have a max supply of 65 packs. Pack Odds: 62% Level 2 33% Level 3 5% Level 4 One pack will contain the Golden Adventurer

Staking Links: BMP: BMR: Players can choose whether they wish to mine BMP or BMR with their leveled up Adventurers.

Buy Limited Edition Adventurer Pack:

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