Meet The Team

Johan Beneke

CEO | Founder
With 12 years experience in web design and 5 years experience in game development, the founder of Box Maze World has strategically formulated this game to nuclear levels!! His avid Blockchain Gaming enthusiasm since the eosio conception has prepared him to create the biggest bomb to ever drop on the AtomicHub platform!

Matthew Beneke

CMO | Co-Founder
This co-founder has over a decade of experience in the IT industry, as well as being the early bird in numerous P2E blockchain games. He brings with him a vast amount of mechanical and marketing knowledge to the core of this project! He aims to transform this nuclear fission into nuclear fusion, where each and every one of our players create the critical mass needed for an explosive experience!

Micaela Putter

Lead Artist
Visual art and art conceptualization are key passions for this artist in particular. Her contributions have been nuclear in enhancing the look and feel of the Box Maze world, bringing a new definition of reactivity and explosiveness to the once two-dimensional reality of the original Box Maze.

Abdul Manan

Lead Developer
8 years of web development experience and 3 years of blockchain EOS/WAX.

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