Crafting items/Upgrade token use case

What Can I Do With BMC?

  • BMC is the only token that can be used in-game to craft items

  • Essential in the upcoming reworked PvP Update

  • Can be used to help maintain the balance of the Solar System

  • Staked to earn daily prizes in our TacoPools

Circulating BMC refers to the total supply of BMC tokens available between the pool and all Wax wallets, which is currently 500,000,000 tokens.

The Pool represents the BMC tokens that players can withdraw to their WAX wallets. Its size can change based on deposits and withdrawals. For example, if there are already 300,000,000 BMC tokens held in various WAX wallets, the pool would contain 200,000,000 BMC tokens (calculated as Circulating BMC minus In-Wallet BMC).

In-Wallet BMC is the supply of BMC tokens held in all Wax wallets.

In-Game BMC refers to the unlimited supply of BMC tokens that can be mined in the game. These tokens are specifically used for crafting within the game and can be withdrawn into In-Wallet BMC if the pool has enough supply.

Withdrawing BMC In-Game involves players transferring BMC tokens from the in-game wallet to their WAX wallets, reducing the available tokens in the pool. If the pool becomes empty, players cannot withdraw BMC tokens until more tokens are deposited in-game.

The 5% Withdraw Fee is a fee charged when players withdraw BMC tokens, and this fee is permanently removed from circulation through burning. Burning tokens reduces the circulating supply of BMC.

Depositing BMC In-Game allows players to add BMC tokens to the pool and their in-game balance by deducting tokens from their WAX wallets. This process increases the available BMC within the pool.

Burn Events are planned events that gradually reduce the circulating supply of BMC tokens over time, helping to control the token supply.

BMC Earned from Harvesters on Planets refers to the rewards earned by planets with harvesters, which amounts to approximately 3.5 million BMC tokens per month. These earned tokens are not part of the circulating supply. Planet owners can choose to deposit them in-game, which adds tokens to the pool and their in-game balance, or hold and use them outside the game, which increases the circulating supply but does not affect the pool directly.

Players who stake their Adventurers in-game have the opportunity to earn in-game BMC tokens. These earned tokens can be used to craft other NFTs or withdrawn into the players' WAX wallet if the pool has sufficient supply. The earned BMC from Adventurers staked in-game do not affect the circulating supply of BMC tokens.

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